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My name is Matt Golightly, and I am the owner of Texas' Best Comics TABC Certification.  I've spent over 7 years on the Texas roads, doing comedy and teaching TABC classes. After a while, I noticed there weren't many options for people needing to get TABC certified.  So in 2008, I started a school that hires professional stand-up comedians to teach classes that people used to dread.  And the response has been overwhelming! 

In under 2 years, we’ve become the largest source for on-premise TABC certification in the entire state of Texas!  We noticed that people in the service industry respond better to a casual approach to learning.  And because the classes are interesting and fun, our students walk away remembering more information (because they actually were paying attention!) 

When we started, I was just an ambitious comic with a great idea.  In just a year, Texas' Best Comics went from 2 comics, to an impressive roster of over 22 comedians across the state.  Now comedians can travel to new cities for comedy, and afford the trip by teaching classes.  It really benefits everyone. 

Very rarely is a situation win-win.  But by booking an on-premise class with us, you are giving your staff a chance to learn by using a fun and fresh approach.  And in doing so, you are inadvertently helping the live stand-up scene in your city. 

Help a small business owner spread the word!  Either book your own class with us, or send people to the many existing classes we have on the schedule.

Call us and see why we are the most professional, reliable, and entertaining option for state-approved alcohol seller/server certification.